For When You Need Help to Be Kind to Your Mind

Having a mental illness can make you feel isolated and segregated, especially if you don’t have a good support system. While I know it is important to have friends and family to fall back on for support, I am also a huge advocate for professional help. In my mind, everyone could use a little therapy. Unfortunately, there is still a negative stigma associated with going to therapy that  even I have experienced. It took me years to get to the point where I accepted that therapy was not only helpful, but necessary in my recovery; yet, there is still a slight hesitation in my mind when I mention to someone that I go to therapy monthly. What if they judge me? There are still people who view therapy as something only “crazy” people attend, but in reality, that is far from the truth. More than a quarter of all Americans have sought professional counseling at some point in their life. The stigma is still there because not enough people are talking about their own experiences. In an effort to  help end the stigma associated with therapy, post your own story with the hashtag #IGoToTherapy because no one should feel ashamed for receiving professional treatment. 

Here are some free support systems online, through the phone, and even with an app. There are people ready to help and listen to you. 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Worry Watch App: This app helps you track when a moment spurs up your anxiety and note when the outcomes were harmless to help prevent you from panicking in the future.

IMAlive: (A chat option during mental health crises for those that do not like talking on the phone.)

OK2Talk: (A National Alliance on Mental Illness resource, this website allows you to anonymously share your feelings and see posts made by others who also struggle with mental illness) 

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