Mental Health Awareness Month

Why you should be kind to your mind

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As a way to bring attention to mental health and to decrease the negative stigma, we will be bringing you a short series including the prevalence of people affected by mental health,  the SCIENCE behind mental health, available resources and some personal stories because YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Please […]

Everyone needs to be kind to their mind

Welcome back to our Mental Health Awareness mini-series! Today, we are going to be sharing a few anonymous personal stories from our authors and some of our fellow PhD students. We share these stories because we want everyone to know that they aren’t alone in battling mental health issues. As our first post indicated, millions […]

For When You Need Help to Be Kind to Your Mind

Having a mental illness can make you feel isolated and segregated, especially if you don’t have a good support system. While I know it is important to have friends and family to fall back on for support, I am also a huge advocate for professional help. In my mind, everyone could use a little therapy. […]

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